Married to Sonja Olbrich (since 1978), with 3 children – Timo (35), Stephanie (28) and Theresa (23)

Married to Sonja Olbrich (since 1978), with 3 children – Timo (35), Stephanie (28) and Theresa (23)


Bert E. Olbrich

I am passionate to serve Christian churches cross-denominationally. My focus is in the area of church health, church growth and leadership skill development. Coaching, consulting and teaching are the core ministry activities I enjoy most. I sense a great fulfilment in assisting individuals on their journey in discovering their spiritual gifts, passions, callings and life purpose. I serve God, churches and people best when I can use my own ‘SHAPE’ for ministry as listed inmy Personal Profile.
— Bert Olbrich

Since 1999 Bert and his wife Sonja serve cross-denominational in Germany, New Zealand and many other nations. Bert assists NCD International (Natural Church Development) to coach and support National Partners in different nations. He is married to Sonja since 1978 and together they have 3 children who live and work in Germany and New Zealand.

Scope of Services

  • NCD – Natural Church Development: Facilitation of Church Health Surveys
  • Training and coaching of Church Health Consultants & NCD Coaches
  • Creating Wow Experiences for first-time visitors (to improve retention rate).
  • Equipping Ministry Systems: The right people - at the right place.
  • Holistic & Multiplying Small Groups & leadership coaching.
  • Creative Team Development: ‘Tools, Strategies and Methods’.
  • Vision, mission, values discernment (churches, teams, individuals).
  • Turn-around strategies for declining church membership trends.
  • Beyond Bullet-Points: Creative PowerPoint Presentations.
  • Effective support systems for cross-cultural workers.
  • Transition to a new church model and/or structure.
  • Information and knowledge management systems.
  • Start-up coaching for new church planters.
  • Conflict mediation and resolution.


  • Banking - Germany. 1971 – 1973, Vocational training as banker
  • Theological Education - Germany, 1993 - 1996, Bible School Kirchberg (B.A. equivalent)
  • Missions Education - Germany, 1996 - 1998, CIU-Columbia International University: Theological Education in Cross-cultural Missions & International Church Growth
  • Church Consulting - USA, 1996 - 1998, Society for Church Consulting: Church Consultant Training (Dr. Thom Rainer)

Personal Profile

  • Spiritual Gifts: Teaching, Wisdom, Faith, Leadership
  • Strengths: Relator, Strategic, Input, Analytical, Learner
  • Personality Style: INTP/F (M.B.T.I.); steadfast (D.I.S.C.); structured/organised;
  • Values: Loving God, Kingdomof God, creativity, freedom, teams.
  • Motivation Passion: Explore, ideate, improve, anticipate, design, analyse, advise
  • People Passions: God’s people, Seekers & First-time Visitors, Internationals
  • Consultant Style: Catalyst, Developer, Change Agent