What if you could tap into the benefits of a proven paradigm for intentional church development used by more than 70,000 churches globally?  

As a Church Leader, you may have the desire to see a healthy, vibrant and growing church that impacts your neighbourhood. Imagine you explore universal applicable principles for church health & growth that work regardless of culture or spiritual style!

Jointly organised by The Harvest Force and Seventh-day Adventist Conference (Singapore), this series of seminars will equip you in the Natural Church Development (NCD) paradigm. Based on 25 years of global research on all six continents, NCD reveals proven & universal applicable principles for church health & church growth that work! 

3 Workshops for Your Church to Experience Greater Levels of Church Health


 Bert & his wife, Sonja

Bert & his wife, Sonja

Bert Olbrich is a church coach with a passion to equip and empower leaders, churches, and denominations in areas of church health, church growth and leadership skill development.